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Ticamet (Fluconazole)

Ticamet is a triazole medicine used to treat fungal infections. It is effective against a broad spectrum of fungi including: Dermatophytes (tinea infections); Yeasts such as candida and malassezia; Systemic infections such as cryptococcosis and coccidioidomycosis. In New Zealand, Ticamet is available as 50 mg, 150 mg and 200 mg capsules on prescription (Ticamet). There is also a 2 mg/ml injection for intravenous use. In New Zealand, the Pharmaceutical Schedule subsidy of the capsules requires Specialist recommendation except for single-dose use, which is on general prescription and also available over the counter. Ticamet binds to the fungal p450 enzymes and stops the cells making ergosterol, the main component of the cell wall. Ticamet is well absorbed orally with or without food. It is widely distributed in body tissues. It takes 22 to 30 hours for half of the medication to be cleared from the bloodstream and may take several days of continuous treatment to reach a steady concentration. The drug is eliminated unchanged in the urine so doses should be reduced if there is kidney disease.

Other names for this medication:
Fluconazole, Diflucan, Afumix, Afungil, Batacan, Candidin, Diflazon, Difluzol, Difluzole, Dizole, Dofil, Duracan, Efac, Elazor, Exomax, Farzul, Fluc, Flucomed, Flucon, Fluconapen, Fluconazol, Flusenil, Flutec, Fluvin, Fluzol, Fluzole, Fluzone, Forcan, Govazol, Honguil, Ibarin, Kifluzol, Lavisa, Logican, Lucon, Medoflucon, Novacan, Omastin, Ozole, Ponaris, Rifagen, Sacona, Stabilanol, Syscan, Ticamet, Trican, Triflucan, Trizol, Uzol, Varmec, Zemyc, Zoldicam, Zolen, Zoloder, Zucon,

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Ticamet injection is used to treat fungal infections, including yeast infections of the mouth, throat, esophagus (tube leading from the mouth to the stomach), abdomen (area between the chest and waist), lungs, blood, and other organs. Ticamet is also used to treat meningitis (infection of the membranes covering the brain and spine) caused by fungus. Ticamet is also used to prevent yeast infections in patients who are likely to become infected because they are being treated with chemotherapy or radiation therapy before a bone marrow transplant (replacement of unhealthy spongy tissue inside the bones with healthy tissue). Ticamet is in a class of antifungals called triazoles. It works by slowing the growth of fungi that cause infection.

ticamet cozy cap mouse

The transfer of MK-0787/MK-0791 into umbilical arterial blood, umbilical venous blood and amniotic fluid was relatively good. Induction of G0/G1 arrest and apoptosis by 3-hydroxycinnamic acid in human cervix epithelial carcinoma (HeLa) cells. Giant inflammatory variant of well differentiated liposarcoma: a case report of a rare entity. Langmuir aggregation of Nile blue and safranine T on sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate surface and its application to quantitative determination of anionic detergent.

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The receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor, imatinib mesylate, has demonstrated antiproliferative effects against uveal melanoma cells in vitro. Identification of two novel BRCA1-partner genes in the DNA double-strand break repair pathway. As apoptosis was fully induced at the time of maximal accumulation of progeny HRV14, it is postulated that apoptosis contributed to the destabilization of the cell and facilitated viral progeny release. However, few studies have examined the significance of vitamin D insufficiency as a contributing factor for the development of ESRD in the Asian chronic kidney disease (CKD) population.

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It was found that fAGP undergoes several post-translational modifications of its glycan pattern: in particular the degree of sialylation is increased in FeLV-positive cats diagnosed with lymphoma, while FeLV-positive that did not presented any specific clinical signs cats do not present any increase of expression of sialic acid on the surface. We phenotyped Pet-1 KO mice for fear conditioning and extinction, and on a battery of assays for anxiety- and depression-related behaviors. Controls showed improved performance in the categorization of disgusted faces after all types of odour stimulation irrespective of the emotional valence. Frequency and type of corneal involvement, recurrence, and survival.

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Consistent with this hypothesis, we identified marked population structure among colonies from Harlan. Promising research in this field over the past decade has resulted in the preclinical validation of nanoscale devices that target cellular and molecular components of the atherosclerotic plaque, including one of its prominent cell types, the macrophage. Pretreatment with MG-132 or PDTC significantly lowered Shh expression. Hydration with mercuric acetate and the reduction with 9-BBN-H of 2-(1-alkenyl)-4,6-dimethyl-s-triazines.

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Deletion of a 139 bp fragment containing the P1 promoter showed that the sequences upstream of -35 regions were required for neither the promoter activity nor OhrR autoregulation. The dauer hypothesis and the evolution of parasitism: 20 years on and still going strong. We measure light scattered by in vitro cell monolayers using angle-resolved low-coherence interferometry (a/LCI) and compare the data to predictions of the T-matrix theory. Intraosseous, intraseptal and intraligamental anesthaesias are vascular ones at capillary-venous system level.

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We also searched reference lists of articles and the WHO ICTRP search portal (November 2012). Diversion and abuse of methylphenidate in light of new guidance. Differential alterations in the activity of matrix metalloproteinases within the nervous tissue of dogs in distinct manifestations of visceral leishmaniasis.

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The predictive value in assessing cataract severity using discrete Fourier transforms in fundus image analysis was compared with LogMAR visual acuity and LOCS III grading. This method does not require the knowledge of the concentration of the imaging agent. A total of 11,238 respondents completed the interview and returned the questionnaire. CCR1 knockdown suppresses human non-small cell lung cancer cell invasion.

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Dose-dependent regional brain acetylcholinesterase and acylpeptide hydrolase inhibition without cell death after chlorpyrifos administration. High frame rate color DTI cineloop recordings were made in apical 4 and 2-chamber for subsequent analysis. The PFGE method further differentiated the mink strains from the dog and fox strains with regard to three fragments between 256 kb and 570 kb. The amount of free interfering substance is thereby to be reduced below the interference threshold, that is, the level at which interference occurs. Ward-level socio-economic deprivation was measured using the Carstairs index.

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Additionally, financial incentives appear to affect the estimated implicit discount rates of physicians, but are unlikely to have caused the inter-group differences. Compared with control, the steroid group had significantly higher blood pressure, HR, sympathetic nerve activity, testosterone level, HW/BW and cardiac caspase-3 activity.

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The role of two members of the ETS (E26 avian leukemia oncogene) family of transcription factors, ETS-1 and ETS-2, has been investigated in many cancers but has not yet been studied in ocular tumors. We also demonstrated upregulation of ETS-1 and ETS-2 target expressions in Tyrp-1-TAg mice when comparing with the same target expressions in control mice. Number of LN metastases, lymphocyte response, type of surgical resection, age of patient and colorectal surgeon can predict the LN harvest.

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Recent work in Los Angeles demonstrates a model for contributing to improved health outcomes in public housing communities. Endothelial cells (ECs) control vascular permeability by forming a monolayer that is sealed by extracellular junctions.

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5-aminoimidazole-4-carboxamide ribonucleoside: a novel immunomodulator with therapeutic efficacy in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis. Ninety-one lumpectomies with close but not transected margins and their subsequent repeat-excision specimens were analyzed for tumor type near margin in the primary excision, presence of RD, type of RD, stage of infiltrating carcinoma (IC) in the primary excision, extent of ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), and grade of IC and/or DCIS. Sequence polymorphism in candidate genes for differences in winter plumage between Scottish and Scandinavian Willow Grouse (Lagopus lagopus).

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NF-kappaB activation and potentiation of proinflammatory responses by the Helicobacter pylori CagA protein. A program to accredit laboratories for reliable testing of pork and horse meat for Trichinella. Maintenance of adequate oxygen delivery to vital organs often requires the administration of supplemental oxygen, sometimes at high concentrations. The interaction of PAP1 and YLR190w was confirmed by both two-hybrid assay and GST pull-down assay in vitro. Morbid obesity: postsurgical predictive factors and prioritization of the waiting list.

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Feedback-related ERPs demonstrated no group differences in the feedback P2, but an enhanced late positive potential (LPP) to feedback stimuli (both gains and losses) for Mph-free children with ADHD compared to controls. Caspase 6 regulates B cell activation and differentiation into plasma cells. Assessment of the efficacy of polyclonal intravenous immunoglobulin G (IVIG) against the infectivity of clinical isolates of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in vitro and in vivo. A 521 bp promoter fragment containing the HNF-4 binding site demonstrated a differentiation-dependent increase in promoter activity in Caco-2 cells. A statistical comparison was made over time and among the banded, bonded, and control sites.

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Noninvasive in vivo imaging and laser therapy coupled with PDT are two areas showing promise to improve outcome. This unique functional characteristic correlated with a unique pattern of subcellular localization, as Tec (but not other family members) was found in small vesicles, the appearance of which requires signaling through the T cell receptor for antigen. The aim of this study was to assess whether anemia is a risk factor for mortality or hospitalization in CKD stage 4-5 predialysis patients not yet on dialysis. Specifically, we screened rhodopsin and the beta-subunit of phosphodiesterase (B-PDE) genes for the presence of abnormalities in West Australian RP patients. Noonan Syndrome (NS) is an autosomal dominant disorder characterized by short stature, typical face dysmorphology, and congenital heart defects.

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Our findings on the relatively high rate of HAART switching emphasize the complexity of managing and evaluating these therapies. Some years ago, an increase in the number of sporadic cases and outbreaks of salmonellosis due to S. State-of-the-art computed tomographic and magnetic resonance imaging of the gastrointestinal system. Optimal biologic dose of metronomic chemotherapy regimens is associated with maximum antiangiogenic activity. Mechanism of anemia seen in children living in the Amazon forest of Peru

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This analysis estimates the percentage of adolescents who have had sexual intercourse by age 14 or 15 and examines characteristics at age 12 or 13 that are associated with early sexual activity. Hypertrophy of human subventricular hypothalamic nucleus in starvation. Habitat adaptation, species interactions, and stochastic mechanisms influence sympatric distributions for these recently diverged species. Repeated operations, the presence of long-term urologic complications, and frequent and long hospital stays result in serious attendant psychological problems.

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Moreover, in this context, barotrauma, volutrauma and atelectrauma are interpreted, and the importance of signal transduction as a process inducing local and systemic inflammatory responses (biotrauma), is determined. The purpose of this article is to review the role of imaging and renal mass biopsy in renal tumor ablation with focus on CA and RFA. Surveillance and clinical studies have identified key areas which require focused research such as the incidence of resistance in children and immunocompromised populations and the need for improved methodologies for detecting resistant virus on an individual and population level. Human serum butyrylcholinesterase interactions with cisplatin and cyclophosphamide.

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Associations and propositions: the case for a dual-process account of learning in humans. Single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) can deliver imaging agents or drugs to tumours and offer significant advantages over approaches based on antibodies or other nanomaterials. Since right ventricular diastolic collapse may not be present in the setting of pulmonary hypertension and her clinical scenario was consistent with tamponade, pericardiocentesis was performed.

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Wheat grass juice appeared effective and safe as a single or adjuvant treatment of active distal UC. Standard reconstruction techniques: techniques of ureteroneocystostomy during urinary diversion. In addition to organic disease, secondary forms are caused by psychotropic medication. All dogs initially underwent medical therapy, to which only one dog responded.

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Clinical trial simulation (CTS) may be applied to predict power of intended drug trials on the basis of pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (PKPD) drug models. Olfactory ensheathing cell transplants have promoted regrowth of axons across the injury site and led to recovery of functional behaviours including climbing, walking, reaching, and breathing. Goal setting with referral for more intensive lifestyle counseling for obesity prevention in high risk families is feasible and acceptable in primary care. Poor performance of microbiological sampling in the prediction of recurrent arthroplasty infection. Uncorrected hypernatremia in organ donors has been associated with poor graft or patient survival during liver transplants.

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Detection of ethambutol-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains by multiplex allele-specific PCR assay targeting embB306 mutations. Our study shows that whole-body low-dose MDCT investigational protocols are appropriate for the diagnosis of lytic bone changes and for assessment of fracture risk in multiple myeloma patients, representing a serious alternative to current standards. Impact of thrombus aspiration during primary percutaneous coronary intervention in cardiogenic shock complicating ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction. cerevisiae genes conferring zymocin sensitivity, we complemented the unclassified zymocin-resistant kti11 and kti13 mutations using a single-copy yeast library. Since research in the field of artificial intelligence and current studies in the psychology of cognition have provided evidence for the usefulness of heuristics in discovery, the status of heuristics has grown into something useful and teachable.

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The mutant P0S63del causes Charcot-Marie-Tooth 1B neuropathy in humans, and a very similar demyelinating neuropathy in transgenic mice. Additionally, a new classification will be proposed for renal dysfunction in cirrhosis. Overall, the multiplex PCR enabled the detection of substantially increased numbers of herpesviruses, in some cases in specimens or anatomical sites where previously they were rarely if ever identified using traditional detection methods.

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Proinflammatory activated microglia in the dentate gyrus were assayed at 2 and 9 months post-WBI. The LMWH protocol was applied for a mean of 11 days (10-14 days).

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Alcoholism is rarely reported as a clinical problem in Nigerians. Rabbit hearts were perfused firstly with histamine, secondly with histamine and verapamil, and subsequently with histamine in the presence of lanthanum and verapamil. To determine thorium in geological samples it is first separated from all matrix elements by means of anion-exchange. Prediction of simultaneous adsorption of Cu(II) and Pb(II) onto activated carbon by conventional Langmuir type equations.

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A 7 year old Chinese boy died of a rapidly progressive encephalopathy after influenza infection. Elevated serum IgG titer and avidity to Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans serotype c in Japanese periodontitis patients. However, the precise distribution of cortical forces and how they are regulated remains to be determined. Concurrent molecular alterations in tumors with germ line epidermal growth factor receptor T790M mutations.

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Quantitative colorimetric analysis of aloe polysaccharides as a measure of Aloe vera quality in commercial products. This indicates that the electrophysiological differences between rod and cone photoreceptors cannot be ascribed to differences in the protein interaction regions of the opsins.

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To test the accuracy of a high performance true fast imaging with steady-state precession (TrueFISP) pulse sequence for the assessment of left ventricular (LV) mass in a large animal model on 1.5-T scanners. The sensor was applied for real-time monitoring of glucose and oxygen consumption of bacterial cells, Escherichia coli (E.

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Baseline assessments of personality were made using the Cloninger Tridimensional Personality Questionnaire and the Karolinska Scales of Personality. We randomly recruited 1030 persons living in three precincts adjacent to Kaohsiung CGMH.

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Resource distribution in multiple attacks against a single target. In this study, a process is described that uses denaturing peptide extraction from whole tissue and automated chromatography in order to allow subsequent analysis of more than 1000 tissue-derived peptides per sample.

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Thermal induction of ogr gene expression in this plasmid results in overproduction of a small protein that has been shown by complementation to possess Ogr function. Increasing the centrifugal force to 3 g and the duration of exposure to 15 and 30 min increases the antitumor resistance of the organism and the life-span. This enzyme activity was spectrophotometrically determined in the cytosol of platelets and platelet sensitivities to PGD2 were studied in patients with myeloproliferative disorders (MPD) as well as in normal subjects.

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Increased prevalence of extended spectrum beta lactamase producers in neonatal septicaemic cases at a tertiary referral hospital. Distinguishing between multiple primary lung cancers and metastatic tumors is often difficult when the tumor histology is same. This is the first report of aortic valve replacement after bilateral lung transplantation. However, despite the roll-out of IPTp policies across Africa more than ten years ago, utilization levels remain low. Commentary: customization of branched stent-grafts for patients with complex abdominal aortic anatomies.

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The present study examined whether stress, which impairs hippocampal long-term potentiation (LTP), also affects (nonspatial) hippocampal-dependent object-recognition memory, as tested on the visual paired comparison task (VPC) in rats. REACTIONS TO USE OF AMPHETAMINES AS OBSERVED IN A PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL. The course of encephalitis caused by varicella-zoster virus in patients treated with acyclovir Two pH sensitive polymers (Eudragit L30 D55 and L100) were used as coating materials, respectively, for promethazine hydrochloride and chloroquine phosphate granules formulated with sodium carboxylmethylcellulose and Carbopol 940, respectively, in the ratios 1:1, 1:2, 1:3, and 1:4 (drug:polymer). Periprocedure TEE monitoring can detect damage to the tricuspid leaflets.

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This article is an overview of the history, rationale, and some of the recent findings on the interaction between schizophrenia and the immune system. Time-lapse tapping mode AFM and confocal fluorescence microscopy experiments followed membrane permeabilization and localization of hIAPP in the raft membrane. The prevalence of hypertension was high in our study both in rural and urban settings.

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Simple variation of nucleophile substituents allows a rapid and stereocontrolled development of new series of derivatives. Dendritic cells (DCs) have an important role in the activation of NK cells that exert direct antitumor and antimicrobial effects and can influence the development of adaptive T cell responses. Molecular biomarkers in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and disease severity. Progressive myoclonus epilepsy (PME) is a syndrome characterized by myoclonic seizures (lightning-like jerks), generalized convulsive seizures, and varying degrees of neurological decline, especially ataxia and dementia.

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Computational model of the complex between GR113808 and the 5-HT4 receptor guided by site-directed mutagenesis and the crystal structure of rhodopsin. Effective analgesia should be provided through the application of multimodal and pre-emptive analgesia utilising both pharmacological and non-pharmacological techniques. Their jejunal activities in rodents are induced by a high-starch/low-fat (HS)-diet.

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Further development of MRF technology and refinement of treatment protocols may allow even greater tightening of the skin and more dramatic modulation of underlying deeper structures, making the treatment more universally applicable for patients desiring facial rejuvenation. Fewer than 5 patients with interstitial 7p duplications are described in the world literature whereas over 30 phenotypic descriptions of individuals with terminal 7p duplication can be found. dbv genes were cloned as two large, partially overlapping, fragments and transferred into the host Streptomyces lividans, thus generating strains S. A small extract collection of 528 crude extracts generated from nutritional microfermentation arrays was tested for the production of bioactive secondary metabolites against clinically relevant strains (Bacillus subtilis, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Acinetobacter baumannii and Candida albicans).

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Although traditionally associated with allergic inflammation, type 2 responses are also recognized to contribute to the pathogenesis of tissue fibrosis. Rotational motion of flowering stalk in Spiranthes sinensis and its machinery We found that TOR inactivation leads to proteasome-dependent degradation of Rrn3p and a strong reduction in initiation competent Pol I-Rrn3p complexes affecting yeast rRNA gene transcription. Austrian and Serbian patients are quite similar, without any showing any factor that would detract from the potential value of modern anti-craving medications in Serbia.

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Here, we evaluated the prophylactic efficacy of heat-killed Lactobacillus pentosus b240 against lethal influenza A(H1N1)pdm virus infection in a mouse model. Deoxynivalenol-nonproducing fusarium graminearum causes initial infection, but does not cause disease spread in wheat spikes. Lifetime prediction curves in 37 degrees C water, constructed from the n-values and inert strengths, showed that fatigue failure within five years is a good possibility for feldspathic porcelain specimens at stress levels which can reasonably be anticipated to occur in the oral environment. Diphenylhydantoin: effect on the chromosomes of human leukocytes.

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Zinc is highly concentrated in pancreatic beta cells, is critical for normal insulin storage and may regulate glucagon secretion from alpha cells. In the paradoxic response, a drop in functional residual capacity during external-PEEP application (when compared to zero-external-PEEP) was commonly accompanied by decreased plateau pressures and total-PEEP, with increased isovolume-expiratory flows.

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Epilepsy and its therapy, including the newer drugs, are risk factors for low bone density, irrespective of vitamin D levels. Does liking or wanting predict the delay between consumption episodes? Seven years after the previous National Vaccines Plan (PNV) 2005-2007 the new PNPV 2012-2014 was ratified with the approval of both National and Regional Authorities in February 22, 2012. The distribution of these HOX cofactors in human ovaries was examined by immunohistochemistry.

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le fluconazole for yeast 2015-10-21

Vestibular schwannoma surgery requires a profound knowledge of anatomy and long-standing experience of surgical clopidogrel 75 mg prezzo skull base techniques, as patients nowadays requests high-quality results from any surgeon. In the present study, we designed a new muscle-chimaeric medial sural artery perforator flap and applied the technique in a clinical case.

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The nebulized sample is introduced through the tubular electrode into the core of the annular shaped plasma thus achieving a better atomisation and a lower background. Diagnostic utility of thermal printed panographs compared with corresponding computer monitor images. Results from this study show that heterozygosity for CCR5-Delta32 but not CCR2b-64I appears to protect against opportunistic infections. Our experience suggests that intracoronary administration of tirofiban zolpidem tartrate molecular weight can be considered as an option in cases of AST during percutaneous coronary intervention.

ticamet cozy caps 2011-12-28

Understanding the nature of aklovir tablet yan etkileri transitions between attractor states opens the door to higher-level thought processes. The second example demonstrates use of scientific evidence to develop rule-based dynamic models, here for predicting changes in muscle strength with short-term fatigue and long-term strength-training. This phenomenon can be interpreted as resulting from FD induced by a multiple-excitation process. However, associations within smoking status subgroups have not been consistently addressed. 21 patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) have been followed.

fluconazole 150 mg over the counter 2016-08-29

A tiered approach was used analogous to the risk assessment paradigm, consisting of benefit and hazard identification, exposure assessment and finally benefit and risk characterization and comparison. Alveolar width and height, amount of keratinized tissue, and gingival level were measured at pre-determined points using a surgical stent at two times, buy lovegra 100mg the time of socket preservation surgery.

fluconazole 100 mg 7 capsule identifier 2011-12-22

The present study is to observe the effect of 17 beta-estradiol (E2) on oxygen-induced retinopathy (OIR), and mysoline 250 mg 30 tablet explore the relationship between the changes of avascular area and malondialdehyde (MDA) in retina. AMINO ACID COMPOSITION OF HUMAN AND BOVINE SERUM MERCAPTALBUMINS.

bula fluconazole 100mg cost 2013-06-24

Other proteins that are part of the sigma(54) regulon include enzymes implicated in nitrogen metabolism, transport proteins, stress-response proteins and proteins augmentin antibiotic 875 mg involved in cell motility. Co-ordinated bacteriocin production and competence development: a possible mechanism for taking up DNA from neighbouring species. Oesophageal squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) is associated with alcohol use, tobacco use and African or Asian descent. A decrease in both cardiac output and LVEDV was observed following myocardial wrapping.

fluconazole 150 mg over the counter 2012-10-31

Organ-culture studies of achondroplastic rabbit cartilage: evidence for a metabolic defect in glucose utilization. Exposure to dilute mainstream cigarette smoke for 1 h, twice per day for 3 days, induced acute inflammation in the lungs of C57BL/6 mice, with increased neutrophils and the neutrophil chemotactic CXC chemokines macrophage inflammatory protein (MIP)-2 and KC. Intra- and interobserver variabilities of the measurements were determined by using the Bland-Altman method. Results showed that the percentage of G0/G1 stage in serum deprivation culture is significantly higher than that in culture with fromilid 250 mg tabletta promo serum supplementation.

fluconazole dose pediatrics by the sea 2013-08-25

This approach provides a potential strategy to overcome MDR in cancer chemotherapy. Screening results were reviewed, sexually transmitted disease (STD) hotline calls were counted, and a street-intercept survey was conducted. Furthermore, nolvadex d pill Chk2 formed a complex with XRCC1, the BER scaffold protein, and phosphorylated XRCC1 in vivo and in vitro at Thr(284). The components of pulmonary deadspace, the alveolar and anatomical deadspaces (VDalv and VDanat), are commonly considered to be independent (i.e. Our findings indicate that this mutation was prevalent already among prehistoric Europeans.

tratamento candidiase fluconazole dose unicameral 2013-11-05

Switching mechanism and reverse engineering of low-power Cu-based resistive switching devices. GDP-MP is a novel drug target for the treatment of leishmaniasis, a devastating parasitic disease that infects more than 12 million people worldwide. It is important to screen and identify chemical compounds to improve the efficiency of norfloxacin 400mg for sinus infection cardiac differentiation and specialization of embryonic stem (ES) cells.

flucol caps 150mg fluconazole 200 2018-01-05

Major advances have been made in recent years in the treatment of adolescent depression, with promising outcomes. The primary outcome was a plavix drug action of gabapentin composite of death or hospitalization for heart failure, stroke, or myocardial infarction. Eleven thousand, five hundred and sixty one patients with chronic HCV infection which referred to hospitals related to the Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Tehran Hepatitis Center-Clinical Department of Baqiyatallah Research Center for Gastroeneterology and Liver Disease from March 2003 to December 2011 were enrolled.